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Chairman's ReportsSat, 6th March 2021

Chairman’s Reports  »  Chairmans Report 2015 to 2016

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Chairman’s Report #3  »  Chairmans Report 2015 to 2016    (1 June, 2017)

Following the retirement of some of the longest standing members of the Parish Council we welcomed 5 new members onto the council.
Recruitment of a new clerk a Mrs. Helen Griffiths following the retirement of Mr. Michael MacMahon after some 15 years dedicated service.
Created a new Parish Council office in rented accommodation in the offices of our friends at Chalfont St Peter Parish Council.
We are Actively petitioning against HS2 – Cllr Mary Phillips has been actively campaigning on behalf of Chalfont St Giles at the House of Commons and has also appeared on TV.
Produced a response to the local plan after employing planning consultant CERDA to ensure that we produced a carefully considered and robust response.
Administered the traffic safety measures at the exit from Blizzards Yard car park.
Actively monitoring the speed of traffic using the MVAS equipment down Pheasant hill into the village also at other areas
Have been involved in the production of traffic calming survey in the Deanway with TFB – the options for traffic calming will be shared as soon as they become available.
Runner up in the best kept village competition, and hopefully a better position this year…..
Decoration of the village with Christmas lights during the festive season. Our thanks also goes to Kathleen Martin who is Chairman of Revitalisation Committee who organises the Christmas tree and its lights.
Along with BAT4CSG paid for the 1 hour free parking in Blizzards Yard Car Park
We Supported local organisations to the value of £1850
Installed accounting software in the Parish Office allowing us to become more transparent.
Set up a twitter feed and maintained the Parish Council web site.
Maintained the 210 street lights in the parish.
10 dog waste bins.
Maintained Village Green, two childrens play areas, Jordans village Green, Riverside walk, Recreation ground at Bowstridge Lane and the cemetery at Bowstridge Lane
The planning committee looked at some 146 planning applications and objected to 42
Accepted responsibility for Devolved services from Buckinghamshire County Council. As described by Cllr John Bradley.
Looking forward:
Creation of a heritage trail – anyone interested please contact the council.
The results of the CDC local plan will be produced in October
Results of the Green Belt Review
Commemoration of the Queens 90th Birthday later this month.
Updating office procedures, moving to online banking and more use of electronic communications.
That concludes my report .
But before I finish I would like to thank all Councillors,
and our Clerk for their dedication, involvement and their time in being a members of this Council.