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   New Water Main between Amersham and Chalfont St Giles    23 January, 2020

There is a new water main being installed between Amersham and Mill Lane in Chalfont St Giles. Barhale are the contractor forAffinity Water who are being instructed by HS2.

The Plan

The water main will be installed between 1 and 1.5 metres underground and will consist of a 35cm plastic pipe. In total approximately 4km of pipe will be laid.

The pipe will be laid in trenches – not moled.

The old water main will remain in situation.

Why is this necessary?

This work is planned to ensure water quality when HS2 works are carried out. Apparently any movement of the water pipes causes turbidity (the water becomes cloudy) due to residues in the pipe being disturbed. If a new pipe is in place then there will not be any residues to disturb therefore the water quality will be maintained.

What is the timescale?

There are boreholes currently being created which is assisting with the survey stage of the project. Once the information from the boreholes is collated this will be fed into the design phase. The designs should be approved by the end of the year with construction beginning next year. How long the construction phase will take is unknown at this present time.


How will affect our parishioners?

There will be a compound build on land next to Bottom House Farm Lane. This will be used for site equipment and workers. This will add to the traffic caused by HS2 construction.

23/1/2020 Barhale are  about to commence Ecological & Archaeological Works on the line of the proposed new water main, running between Amersham AfW pumping station to Chalfont St Giles pumping station. The Ecological works will be putting up reptile refugia, bird tapes to discourage bird nesting in hedgerows and limited removal of hedgerows to  facilitate access to the pipeline route. The Archaeological works are to investigate areas along the pipeline route that may be of Archaeological interest and have been identified by Bucks CC Archaeological Department. The majority of both works will be undertaken by hand with only small amount of machinery being used where required, all Public Footpaths will remain open during these works, where they are working close to PRoW’s the teams will have been briefed for works to stop while walkers pass.

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