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   Chalfont St Giles Neighbourhood Plan ? 2nd Publication    21 December, 2018

Chalfont St Giles Parish Council produced a Draft Neighbourhood Plan covering the entire parish area and this was published for public consultation between the dates of 26th February 2018 and 9th April 2018. Following this consultation as part of the initial examination of the neighbourhood plan the Examiner expressed concerns that the neighbourhood plan documentation should include evidence that the document had been assessed for its potential impact on the environment. Given this decision the examination was suspended in order for an environmental screening assessment and a Habitats Screening Assessment to be undertaken.

Following the completion of the two environmental assessments the councils are re-consulting on the neighbourhood plan. If you made comments during the first consultation period (26th February 2018 to 9th April 2018) there is no need to repeat these comments as the Examiner will consider any comments received during the first consultation period alongside any comments made during the second consultation period.

The Neighbourhood Plan is being re-publicised in advance of an examination.  The Consultation Period is between 21st December 2018 and 8th February 2019.

Please note all comments must be received in writing by the Council’s Planning Policy Team no later than 5:00pm on Friday 8th February 2019. Any comments received after this time will not be accepted or taken into account. Representations should be submitted using a representation form.


The Chalfont St Giles Neighbourhood Plan November 2017; a Consultation Statement; a Basic Conditions Statement, the Habitats Regulations Assessment – Screening Opinion, the Environmental Screening Opinion report and a plan showing the Neighbourhood Plan Area is available to view at the following places.

The Chiltern District Council Offices; King George V Road, Amersham, HP6 5AW

The Chalfont St Giles Community Library; High Street, Chalfont St Giles, HP8 4QA

The Chalfont St Giles Parish Council office; Parish Council Offices Gravel Hill, Chalfont St Peter, SL9 9QX

Jordans Village Shop, Green West Road, Jordans, HP9 2SY

More details of the availability of documents and how to respond are contained in the attached publication notice.

All of the documents are also available to view on line on the Chiltern District Council Website – http://www.chiltern.gov.uk/planning/chalfontStGiles

To make comments you can download the Response Forms and accompanying Guidance Notes from the Council’s website:

Please note that due to the formal nature of this consultation, and to ensure that the Council has all the relevant information, all comments should be made using the Response Forms. Before completing the forms, please refer to the Guidance Notes on how to comment.

Next Steps

Comments received in writing by 5pm on the 8th February 2019 and any comments made during the previous consultation (26th February 2018 to 9th April 2018) will be submitted to an independent examiner who will assess to see if the plan meets the basic conditions as set out in the regulations, taking into account representations received. Assuming the plan passes the examination, possibly with modifications, the District Council will then undertake a referendum within a defined area.  The referendum area will at least cover the parish area of Chalfont St Giles but may be expanded as a result of the examination to include adjoining areas. If as a result of the referendum 50% or more of those people who voted support the plan then it will be made part of the Development Plan for Chiltern District.

You should note that at this stage although comments received in accordance with the above procedures will be taken into account, the Council will not be sending individual acknowledgements or replies.

For any questions relating to the Neighbourhood Plan and related documents please contact the Planning Policy Team on the telephone number above or by email to Planningpolicy@chiltern.gov.uk


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