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   Precept 2016/2017 Explained    4 March, 2016


The Precept sought by Chalfont St Giles Parish Council is  £196,235 [ £187,546 in 2015 an increase of 4.6%].

The Parish Council explained

“The County and District Council Tax elements are capped whereas the Parish is not.

“Services are being devolved down to Parish level by both the County and the District with insufficient funding to provide the services devolved.

“For example

  •  The Parish is now taking responsibility for cutting all grass verges, hedgerows adjacent to footways and keeping clear all footpaths [in collaboration with Landowners]. An additional £5,000 has been allowed in the budget for this activity
  • Chiltern District Council has increased the charge for the free hour at Blizzards Yard car park to £16,021p.a.  [£9,906p.a. in 2015]

These two alone account for £11,000 of the increase required of £ 8,689 there being some offsets by savings in other areas.

Parish Council Precepts had to take up this extra tax burden to maintain important existing services”.

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