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   HS2 - Have Your Say    20 January, 2016

HS2 Equality Impact Assessment (EQIA)

One of the areas of work that government has required of HS2 Ltd  in advance of the commencement of construction work for the new railway, is an assessment of its impact on communities.

The report identifies the poitential effects of the new high speed railway on groups of people sharing protected characteristics eg age, disability, gender reassignment, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation.

"2.2.1  This report identifies whether people with protected characteristics are likely to be affected disproportionately and/or differentially by impacts arising as a result of the construction and operation of the revised scheme.
"2.2.2  A disporoportionate eqality effect arises when an impact has a proportionately greater effect on people sharing a protected characteristic than on other members of the general population at a particular location. In this EQIA this is used in two main ways:
a) where an impact is predicted on a residential area where people sharing a protected characteristic make up a greater proportion of the affected resident population than their representation in the wider local authority district and or county/region  eg the Epilepsy Centre??
b) where an impact is predicted on a community resource predominantly or heavily used by people sharing protected characteristics eg primary schools attended by children; care homes catering for very elderly people

As with all HS2 documentation, although it looks long, you only need to read the section relating to our area, which is CFA8 The Chalfonts and Amersham.

This is a consultation which ends this Friday 22nd January at 11.45pm. Do you believe that your journey to work, or your children's journey to school will be affected by HS2 construction traffic?  Will you be affected by the permanent loss of facilities at Chalfont Valley Equestrian Centre in Bottom House Farm Lane? IF YOU MAY BE AFFECTED then PLEASE read the documentation and submit a response form by the deadline.



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