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   Have your say on Buckinghamshire?s transport plan for the future    8 December, 2015

Monday, December 7 was the launch day for an extended eight-week public consultation on Buckinghamshire’s draft Local Transport Plan and I’d be really grateful if you would take part.

As our economy and population grow, good transport will become more important.  In fact, one can’t happen without the other.

The draft Local Transport Plan is a blueprint for travel in Buckinghamshire in the future, covering all types of transport and looking ahead to 2036.  It sets out how transport can play a vital part in realising the County Council’s vision to make Buckinghamshire a great place to live and work.

It is clear about maintaining and enhancing the county’s special environment, and helping residents and businesses to thrive and develop one of the strongest and most productive economies in the country. It sets out the policies that show the route we intend to take to make these aims a reality.

Achieving these aims will require strong partnerships with central government, the district councils, communities and businesses; and innovative approaches to make the best use of taxpayers’ money in a climate of austerity. So we need to know what everybody thinks of the Plan.

The Plan provides a helicopter view - a high-level approach to transport in Buckinghamshire. It will be supported by more detailed documents, which provide further policy and guidance. Some have already been produced and some are yet to be developed. 

I urge you to have your say, and to share this through your networks.  There’s more information at https://democracy.buckscc.gov.uk/mgConsultationDisplay.aspx?ID=1117 where you’ll also find a link to the consultation survey. 

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