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The Parish CouncilMon, 25th January 2021

The Parish Council

The Parish Council

The first Chalfont St Giles Parish Council was formed in 1894. Eighteen candidates came forward, of whom nine were elected, and the first meeting was held on 2 January the following year. The total precept for the year 1895-96 was £50, this year it is £185,850.

Today, the role of the local councillor on a parish council, is more important than ever. The Parish Council, which is apolitical, is the closest tier of local government to the people with all 12 Parish Councillors resident in the Parish, or very close by, carrying out their duties on a voluntary basis, without allowances or expenses unlike District and County Councillors.

The Parish Council is in control of many of the basic services that are often taken for granted. Some of its main duties include providing and maintaining the playing fields, childrens’ play equipment areas, open spaces including Stone End, the Village Green and the Village Pond, the cemetery, footway lighting - 220 street lights, seats and shelters for public use, and allotments.

The Parish Council, which also covers Jordans, operates through Committees for Finance & General Purposes, Open Spaces & Amenities, and Planning. The Planning Committee considers each planning application submitted within the parish and makes comments to Chiltern District Council. Provision is made before every Committee and Council meetings for parishioners to raise issues of local concern.

What do we do?

The Parish Council duties include:

  • Management of recreation ground, hall and facilities and specific land within the Parish
  • Review and comment on planning applications within the Parish
  • Liaise with relevant authorities regarding infrastructure /policing/community issues to represent your views and get the best advantage for the local area
  • Engage with all interested parties regarding current and future shape of life in the local area

Who are we?

  • The Parish has Councillors elected by the residents every four years.  For more information on your Councillors’ click here

When we meet

  • For more details on the dates, times and venue of Council meetings, please click here.